• Prosecco Gold Brut DOC


Prosecco Gold Brut DOC

TYPE:Sparkling Wine




ALC%: 11%


One of the most successful innovations in Italian wine history, Bottega Gold is a life achievement of Sandro Bottega who challenges himself to make a premium product out of the standard Italian sparkling, Prosecco. He emphasizes the strength (freshness) of Prosecco by keeping his Prosecco stock in freeze grape juice instead of white wine as others do. Plus, he improves the arguable character of Prosecco of less-refine bubbles by prolonging the fermentation period from 1 to 10 weeks. Sandro is also brave to be different by protecting the bottle with gold coating in order to maintain the freshness, even this innovation costs his Bottega Gold lost the Prosecco name. However, the great success of Bottega Gold has proved Sandro’s creativity making all positive impacts to Prosecco, thus 3 years ago the Prosecco Consortium had allowed Bottega Gold to be called Prosecco.